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Whole House Audio / Video

Its time to relax and listen to the music, all over the house.   Listen to iPod in the study, while radio or XM is playing in the Master Bath.  And when it's party time, play the same music or TV sound track everywhere including the deck, and the theater room. 

SONOS Digital Music ControllerThere are a range of systems in the Whole House Audio category with a budget for everyone.  We were one of the first dealers in the area to embrace SONOS.  Its fun to use, very social for your guests, and it is a snap for existing homes as it is mostly wireless.  It is one of the best ways to manage your digital music library anywhere in the house.  We also feature Russound and Control 4 audio systems for easy and elegant house audio solutions.   And we are experts at integration of your, iPod, iTunes, MP3 players, web radio, and satellite radio. Russound Wall Control

In a similar way, it is getting more and more practical to distribute digital and standard video throughout the house from a common set of equipment.  So instead of a cable box for every TV, you can share say three Cable / DVR players plus 2 BluRay players among say 10 or 12 TV's.   Life is good, so let us tell you all about it.   

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