Structured Wiring


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Structured Wiring

The foundation of your integrated home is the structured wiring system. HomeTalk has been installing sophisticated home networks since the birth of the technology in the mid ‘90’s.    And now is the best time to add video, networks, phone and audio to your garage, kitchen, bath, and more.    Technology Pre-Wiring

If you are buyig a new home, let us work with you to plan for the functionality you want.  New wiring standards to accomodate high definition wall mounted TV's and projector systems make it more difficult to get this pre-wiring correct.  Also, special fittings and parts permit some thoughtful wiring for future flexibility. 

If you have a project in your existing home that requires devices to be relocated, our talented techs can do amazing things to feed new wires into walls with minimal drywall damage.  Often this is needed to ad a tv on a wall mount, a new theater, speakers, etc.       Let us know about your projects adn we will help you scope out the technology wiring required.     

We partner with OnQ Legrand on many of our homes using their state of art wiring panels, modules, communication, intercom and entertainment systems. 

OnQ wiring panel with optional modules

OnQLegrand Wiring panel with optional modules. 


  OnQ internal wall camera

 OnQ inside flush mount survielance camera


                      OnQ Bullet CameraOnQ Bullet Camera



        OnQ decorator wall plates with intercom and music insertsOnQ decorator wall plates with intercom and music inserts




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