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Gaming Joy SticksNo need to have wires all over the place for your game machine conected to your major TV location.  We can organize and integrate your Wii, XBox, or other platform for ease of use and pleasure.   Guitar Hero, Bowling, Tennis, or a good workout are close at hand.  We will also program you entertainment control system to simplify switching the video and audio to your gaming.   Complete with acces to your high speed home netowork. 



Media ServersControl 4 10" Touchscreen

There is a lot of confusion about media servers as there are a range of entry level devices.  In fact, properly integrated, an iPod dock or Apple TV can provide many functions of a media server.  Other new special web access  systems such as VuDu and SlingBox have special purposes for acces to web based content and communications.  

The ultimate digital integration solution for all networked and stored media is the Media Server. Access your DVD’s, DVR’s, pictures, music and more.  We feature Servers from Control 4 and also from VidaBox which uses a Windows platform , BluRay integration and expandable storage RAID.    Key to most robust media server systems is a video matrix switch to permit the whole house to have equal acces to the media stostorage and on-screen menu interface.  VidaBox media server system      

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