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Intercom Systems

Intercoms are one of the most used options for your new home...monitoring the baby, dinner cOnQ Legrand Intercomall, front door, more. Today's intercom systems are small digital devices that fit into a typical double gang switch plate. We feature onQ Legrand who is a leader in next generation digital intercom systems.  Russound and Sony also make outstandign new proeudts that integrate with other systems in the home for a very conected experience.    You can even set an automated front door lock and unlock mechanism.   These systems bridge to whole house audio systems and have other special home integration features we will be happy to discuss.


Control 4  Russound

Intercom / Automation

  Automation      Automation / Home Control Systems
Automation was once a high cost feature reserved for multi million dollar homes.   But systems today are easily within reach of the rest of us.   And our approach is to begin with very simple things like controlling your Sourround sound and home entertainment system. 

We feature Control 4 automation systems which are a very easy on the budget and also very design friendly. This is because virtually every major Control 4 system is available with wireless and wired components. So if a particular function has not been wired in advance, there is a device that can still be installed.

The starting point for most systems is simplifying the complex settings needed to run your home theater and surround sound system. Manage your movie, music and photo collections with simple on screen menus and navigation. Store hundreds of movies, music titles and photos. Home audio is supported with on screen menus and settings as well as a digital display hand held remote control. Lighting is a very practical system to automate, especially for pathway lighting and integration to security. Next comes your heating and cooling system and home security.

Imagine benefits like these:

  • Your main theater or viewing area has a scene for movie watching with lights low, shades closed and all systems on and set for DVD. Then lights come to 75% when pause is pushed on your remote. A different scene for watching news or children’s programming.
  • A security or fire event turns on lights throughout the house including a flashing exterior light to warn police, fire or ambulance.
  • A master lighting button near your bed allows all on or all off for lighting and other controls to react to any late night disturbances.
  • Better manage energy usage with a control system viewable at any TV set for thermostats, heating, air and lighting. Control 4 devices
  • Access any of your systems from the web to arm, disarm, change lighting, check status or other home systems from anywhere you have access to the web.
  • When you open the garage door and it is after sunset, three lights come on automatically to guide you into the house.

Give HomeTalk a call to discuss systems and selections that meet your needs, wants and most importantly, your budget. 

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Control? or Remote?

If you are looking at a coffee table with 3 or more remotes, you need a single smart remote ... now!   Todays smart remotes will solve most of your suffering.   We recommend the Universal Pro series remote which is professionally programmed and is a mid level system.  When multiple rooms in a house use a common system, the Universal Control system has accessories which solve some of the key issues with these devices.  It can sense when a device is on or off - a critical function not found on lesser controls or retail brands. And Universal has a very nice iPod dock interface that allows control and display plus album art on your TV.  

Another excellent solution is the Control 4 platform.  For the cost of most universal remote systems in this class, you can have Control 4 with a basic automation controller.  In addition to handling an entertainment room full of gadgets, this system can change lighting with your device commands.  When you "pause" the movie, lights can go up to 50% level for example.  And it is the base for an expandable whole house control system in your home.