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Home Networking

Broadband Networks

With your structured wiring in place, our experts will take the mystery out of connectivity. We will secure your wired and wireless networks replacing frustration with convenience and access.   If your standard wireless network does not provide full coverage in your home, we have repeater and booster systems available to stretch the signal. 

You will want features such as:

  • Wired locations for printers, desktop PC's, multi Fax machines, Home Networks
  • Most new TV's and BluRay players use network connections for access to special online extras. 
  • IPTV devices such as VuDu and Apple TV to connect to yrou entertainment system.
  • SlingBox to provide acces to your video subscriptions and services when away from home. 
  • Wireless throughout the house, but with rugged encryption.

Cell Phone Networks

Many homes receive little to no access to cell phone carrier signals, particulary in basement offices or family areas.  We have special devices, extenders and boosters for those signals and can generally bring your cell phone back in these environments.  Lynksis, NetGear, D-Link Networks


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