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The New Vroom

The most impressive new central vacuum device to come along in over a decade is the Vroom.  Developed exclusively by the makers of Dirt Devil Central Vacuum, the Vroom mounts inside a kitchen or bathroom cabinet.  When you have a spill, you simply open the cabinet door, grab the retractable 20' hose and go to where the mess is.  And, for apartment and condo owners, the Vroom Solo is a stand alone vacuum system in your kitchen cabinet ready to go, faster and better than any broom or dustpan.  Watch this quick video and you will be amazed.  

Vroom Vacuum Device













Central Vacuum / Whole House Cleaning

Take the dirt and noise entirely out of your house with a central vacuum that adds value to your home and is put to use more than most any other home technology.  Central Vacuum systems add appraisal value to your home.  There is no other system that can get the dirt out ofDirt Devil Centrifigual power system the house the way a Central Vacuum system can.  When you rev up a standard vacuum of almost any type or brand, you smell a burst of dust.  That is your indication that your vacuum is spreading dust as it cleans. 

We use the Beam Central Vacuum system with a lifetime warranty using centrifugal technology to eliminate bags and filters that rob power from conventional central vacuum systems.  And there are many special and handy accesories available for hard to clean places such as wooden blinds, stairs and even pets!. 


Our systems slways come with at least one kick sweep attachment usually in the Central Vacuum Kick Sweep, Toe Kickkitchen near the sink.  Just sweep the mess near this opening and use your foot to open and let the dirt go into the system. 











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Central Vac Facts

Our Beam brand Central Vacuum uses a Cyclonic system to capture dirt in its canister, causing it to spin and drop into the waste bucket.    In this way there are no bags or filters to clog with dirt and dust which quickly and dramatically reduces the suction power of other central vacuum systems.  See the chart below and discover why the Beam system maintains 90% of its peak power.