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Building?  Remodeling?  Ready for a technology change in your existing home?

We love to bring new projects to your home …

Remember, if we have worked on your home, “we know where the wires are buried”.

So if you later wish to add some additional technology, finish the basement, add a home theater, move some things around, try something new and different, … just give us a call. Our technicians will be in the best position to quickly and seamlessly attach new hardware, software, devices, controls or other features to your integrated home system.

Did someone say “retrofit”?

If you have needs in your existing home, regardless of whether we or any similar firm has ever updated your structured wiring, our technicians really excel at hiding wiring and utilizing new technologies to assure your home is not a second class technology environment. In fact we love the special challenges and problem solving that goes with these projects, taking great pride in our solutions. Give us a call so we can amaze you



We visit with each and every homeowner that works with our builder clients to discuss what standards and specials are available to make your technology dreams come true.

If you have already been serviced by HomeTalk's technicians, here are some common questions you might have:

Q) What happens after I order items through the web site for my home with one of HOMETALK’s builders?

Our consultants will contact you to review your selections and to answer any questions you may have. In all cases we only will finalize your order and submit to the builder after contacting you to be sure everything is as you want it. So shop with comfort and confidence. Be xure to call us with any questions or comments.

Q) When I order pre-wired speakers, security or other features, what will I have when I move in?

Pre-wiring is an important investment in the value of your home, even if you do not immediately take advantage of features. For example, if your home is pre-wired for security or 5.1 surround sound, you will be able to add monitored security systems, speakers, audio gear and other technology to those pre-wires. However, finished items such as security keypads, central electronics, speakers, etc. will not be installed unless you choose those options.

Q) Now that I am in my home, I find that certain phones jacks are not working?

standard packages in most homes permit up to 8 live phone jacks throughout your home. In some cases, where more than 8 phone receptacles exist, it may be necessary to remove an unused modular phone plug in your basement Home Wiring Console and plug in the modular plug you wish to operate. If this doesn’t solve your problem, please give us a call.

Q) Why are there two cable connections throughout the house?

Most TV outlets have two coaxial terminals. One is for receiving television from your cable or satellite TV source, and the other is to return a television system to your Home Wiring Console for distribution to other devices in the home such as a TIVO box, digital video recorder or media center. Also, because the video received at each location goes through a central point, security cameras (if equipped) can permit monitoring from any television in the home.

Q) My home is an older home but I’d like to have home networking, TIVO, and audio in three additional rooms in this house?

A) You will be amazed at what can be done in an existing home when experienced home integration specialists from HomeTalk arrive to plan and install your systems. Give us a call and we can help you plan for the most.


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