"Solved our audio and video issues first time out" Collins, Denver

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It is Great to work with our Builders

We have over 70 man years of experience … in an industry most consider less than 15 years old!    We have been supporting builders longer than any other low voltage, integration specialists in the Colorado market. We think that speaks for something ….

  • We are there when you need us on your schedule. 
  • We are responsive to issues and problems that arise
  • We are professional with your home buyers and they appreciate our approach and style
  • We work collaboratively with each builder to not only make your homes more attractive, but on marketing campaigns and special offers to sell your homes fast.
  • We have an impressive “resume” of VIP and high profile customers that entrust us with their on going technology needs.


We know what works in your developments…


Whether you are a production, custom or semi-custom home builder, we think we know what you need to make your homes technology attractive. More than most other trades, the technology infrastructure in your homes enables additional value, homeowner satisfaction and opportunity to add relevant features that simply make you a better builder. The 21st century builder requires a 21st century technology partner. HomeTalk not only designs and installs an integration solution, but we:

  • Consult with each of your home buyers before electrical systems are in place to present technology features and options with no high pressure, thus giving them the option to really make their technology dreams come true.
  • Synchronize with your field supervisory team to assure we get in and out in each critical phase of construction whether pre-wire, trim, or back end installation of features.
  • Price our services competitively. In fact, we are exceptional at presenting and delivering the kinds of added features your home buyers want and need to add even more value and customer satisfaction to our builder clients.

We want to be your technology partner. Contact us today and we will prove why we should be.

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