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"Solved our audio and video issues first time out" Collins, Denver

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  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Free estimates
  • Over 70 years of collective technical and field experience
  • Friendly and helpful service
  • Passion for customer satisfaction

Our Mission

We connect customers with technology that works with their lifestyle and budget and don’t stop until their systems work and meet their needs and wants.
Home Technology IntegrationSince 1996, HomeTalk has been integrating high technology in thousands of homes.  HomeTalk was one of the first companies to embrace the home run architecture for new home construction. HomeTalk’s expert technicians connect the latest technology to meet the needs of each specific homeowner. We love bringing high technology, comfort, security, excitement and fun to every day home life.
What separates us from retailers and other custom a/v companies is the commitment of our technicians and our entire team to provide high value professionally installed systems and provide the on-going support needed to be sure your systems deliver all they are meant to deliver. 

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