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Since 1996, HomeTalk has been integrating entertainment, communications, and security technology in thousands of homes. HomeTalk’s expert technicians connect the latest technology to meet the needs of each specific homeowner. We love bringing high technology, comfort, security, excitement and fun to every day home life.

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  • "To die for” home theater projection, plasma and LCD systems to fit virtually any budget.HomeTalk get Remote
  • Sophisticated and reliable security from accessible doors and windows to motion and glass break detectors, remote cameras available from any TV, digital recording surveillance and more.
  • Multi-room audio and video for media servers, digital video recorders and online TV.
  • Connected iTunes or MP3 players to your home audio systems.
  • Gaming systems with high octane.
  • Secure networking for your PC’s, printers, web access, home office technology, media servers and wireless gear.
  • Amazing automation services including touch screen inputs, energy saving controls, scene set ups making the complex simple.
  • Convenience features like central vacuum.

Check us out ... and let us bring your technology dreams to life.


The Nest Learning Thermostat

The new Nest Learning Thermostat is now available at HomeTalk and SunTalk Solar for integration to your home's heating and cooling systems. Consider that your thermostat typically controls 50% of your energy costs every month.   Remarkably, there are over 80 million programmable thermostats in the US with estimates that fewer than 20% are actually programmed.  In fact, there is not a single thermostat on the market that is Energy Star rated. 

The Nest takes a different approach.  Developed by a design group out of Apple, the Nest learns your habits and programs itself.  It is also a web device in your home and gathers information from both inside and outside the house to react to your comfort needs.  When you first set it up you will make settings more often in the first week or so, then the systems gets to know you very well.  It rmembers when you get up, It remembers when you go to sleep.  It never stops learning.   And because it is a web device, you can check and control it from your smart phone from anywhere.  

Get your hands on the new Nest, shown in our new Denver Showrooom.



"Solved our audio and video issues first time out" Collins, Denver

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